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Re-entering society is extremely stressful for returning citizens. Finding housing is among one of the many challenges that felons face when coming home. There are limited options when a person is not able to move in with family or does not have the financial means to afford a lease on a new place.  We recommend enrolling in a recovery-oriented transitional housing program with support staff to help you move forward.

We have compiled the following list of reentry housing options that can accept the Department of Corrections Voucher, as well as various vouchers offered within the community.  Additional supportive housing resources are listed below.




Revive Reentry Services

Intake Line (509) 443-5022 

2222 N Monroe

Spokane, WA 99205


Notes: Reentry recovery housing that accepts various housing vouchers and self-pay options.  DOC approved housing vendor.

Contact Chris Pilant, he is the admissions director.

ROAR Houses (Reaching Out Advocating Recovery)

(509) 326-ROAR (7627)

1504 West Grace Spokane, WA

ROAR is a non-profit, faith-based housing option for those looking for a spiritual living environment.

Spokane Resource Center, A HUD Envision

 130 S Arthur

Notes:  Various Housing Providers

Inland Oxford House

(509) 868-0061

1016 E Montgomery Ave

Spokane, WA

Oxford houses are an option for those looking to use a DOC voucher.

Spokane Oxford House

Vacancies can be checked at:

Women’s and Children Houses

Hillyard House (509) 279-2468

Ruth Park (509) 361-0232

Shiloh Hill


Spokane, WA

Oxford houses are an option for those looking to use a DOC voucher.

Upriver Oxford House

(509) 413-2396

1016 E Montgomery Ave

Spokane, WA

Oxford houses are an option for those looking to use a DOC voucher.

HEN Program

(509) 462-0518

130 E 3rd Ave

Spokane, WA

Call Goodwill, to make an appointment. Must have applied through DSHS and been approved first. 


Maple Office: (509) 363-5000
Trent Office:
(509) 227-2770

1608 W Boone Ave,
8517 E Trent Ave #101

Apply for benefits and see what resources are currently available, as these grants are limited. 

Envision Center


130 S. Arthur

Various housing providers all located in one building. 

Peer Support

Having a hard time? We’ve been there! Our staff is constructed of formerly justice involved individuals who can relate and truly want to help. Come in today for a screening and match up with a peer who’s right for you!

Family Support

Incarceration affects our entire families. Revive Center for Returing Citizens provides coaching services for influencers of citizens returning from institutions. Call us today for more information!


Housing Resources

Finding the right housing can be a pain. Revive Center for Returning Citizens provides links to resources for whatever your housing needs are: from transitional housing, to transformational housing, to a network of housing providers for families.

Legal Aid

Our community partners offer legal aid clinics, help with Legal Financial Obligations, Re-Licensing Programs, Voter Restoration Services, Prisoners’ Rights, Housing Disputes, Debt Collectors Sales and Scams, and so much more!

Mental Health & Treatment Services

Revive Center for Returning Citizens values your health. We have contacts at many local mental health and treatment service providers that accept state insurance and work with Department of Corrections. 

Basic Needs Support

Our community resources can help you meet your basic needs! We know of a variety of programs that offer bus passes, clothing for jobs and interviews, resume building, hygiene products, and so much more!